What is love story in French?

What is love story in French?

noun. histoire f d’amour.

What is story French?

story, the ~ (fairytalefable) récit, le ~ (m) Noun. merveille, la ~ (f) Noun.

Does M mean love in French?

Good Google question). Ma chérie and mon chéri both refer to “my darling,” the endearing term I am sharing with you here. Like mon cœur and mon amour, ma chérie or mon chéri is said with an innocent, loving tone to either a lover or child, and even sometimes to a friend—especially in France.

What does episode mean in French?

French Translation. épisode. More French words for episode. le épisode noun. installment, part, chapter, instalment.

How do you say your story in French?


  1. story → histoire, conte, étage, niveau, relation, récit.
  2. story → narration, récit, conte, nouvelle, histoire, plancher, étage, message.

How do you say horror story in French?

horror story

  1. conte fantastique, le ~ (m) Noun.
  2. histoire d’épouvante, la ~ (f) Noun.
  3. histoire d’épouvant, la ~ (f) Noun.

How do you say series in French?

French translation of ‘series’

  1. ( on TV, radio) série f. A new series starts on Friday. Une nouvelle série commence vendredi. a TV series une série télévisée. a comedy series une série comique.
  2. succession) série f. a series of meetings une série de réunions.
  3. set of books, films) série f.

How do you say TV episode in Spanish?

Similar translations for “TV episode” in Spanish

  1. pasaje.
  2. capítulo.
  3. entrega.
  4. incidente.
  5. ataque.
  6. episodio.

How do you spell story in French?

What are short stories called in French?

une nouvelle
Important French Vocab for Reading Short Stories Starting with the basics, the French word for a short story is une nouvelle. But you might have something more specific in mind. Perhaps you are curious to read un conte de fées (a fairy tale) or une fable (a fable) in French.