What is local area network topology?

What is local area network topology?

A LAN topology refers to how the nodes in a network are connected. This can refer to the physical arrangement of the devices in a geographical setting or also the logical method by which the system is set-up. The type of topology in a LAN network would determine how data is transmitted throughout.

What is a ring topology simple definition?

Ring topology refers to a specific kind of network setup in which devices are connected in a ring and pass information to or from each other according to their adjacent proximity in the ring structure. This type of topology is highly efficient and handles heavier loads better than bus topology.

What is ring in LAN?

A ring network is a local area network (LAN) in which the nodes (workstations or other devices) are connected in a closed loop configuration. Adjacent pairs of nodes are directly connected. Other pairs of nodes are indirectly connected, the data passing through one or more intermediate nodes.

What is ring bus topology?

In Ring topology each device is connected to two other devices in a circular fashion. Bus topology is a topology where each device is connected to a single cable which is known as the backbone. 2. In Ring topology data is sent through the devices from sender to receiver device..

How are ring topologies used in a LAN?

Ring topologies may be used in either LANs (local area networks) or WANs (wide area networks). Depending on the type of network card used in each computer of the ring topology, a coaxial cable or an RJ-45 network cable is used to connect computers together. Ring topology history. Advantages of a ring topology.

What is the definition of a local area network?

What is a Local Area Network? A LAN is a computer network that consists of access points, cables, routers, and switches that enable devices to connect to web servers and internal servers within a single building, campus, or home network, and to other LANs via Wide Area Networks (WAN) or Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).

What are the disadvantages of a ring topology?

Disadvantages of ring topology. All data being transferred over the network must pass through each workstation on the network, which can make it slower than a star topology. The entire network will be impacted if one workstation shuts down.

What is the physical topology of a network?

A network’s physical topology defines the way in which the users, or nodes, are interconnected to each other and to the transmission medium. Common optical LAN topologies are the star (e.g., Ethernet), bus (e.g., DQDB and Ethernet), and ring (e.g., FDDI).