What is laryngeal sensory neuropathy?

What is laryngeal sensory neuropathy?

An uncommon cause of chronic cough is laryngeal sensory neuropathy. This occurs when the larynx suffers an injury and becomes hypersensitive to the slightest irritant resulting in a chronic dry cough.

How is LSN treated?

Rotskoff is a national expert in LSN diagnosis and treatment. Treatment begins by healing the injured tissue and nerves of cough receptors. Curative medications can be used to soothe the damaged throat and larynx, followed by control medications to manage asthma and/or acid reflux, as needed.

What is chronic Laryngopharyngeal neuropathy?

Chronic laryngopharyngeal neuropathy (CLN) is a disease that may be present in otorhinolaryngologists’ offices, and is associated with laryngeal irritation such as throat irritation, dysphonia, foreign body sensation in the throat, stridor and especially chronic cough.

Can the vagus nerve cause coughing?

This is an example of hypersensitivity of vagal afferent nerves, and there is now an increasing recognition that many cases of refractory or idiopathic cough may be due to a sensory neuropathy of the vagus nerve.

What are the symptoms of laryngeal sensory neuropathy?

Laryngeal sensory neuropathy symptoms could include a globus sensation, constant throat tickle, constant throat clearing, a phlegmy throat sensation and other symptoms. A lot of these symptoms can easily be confused with LPR. What is the most typical neuropathic symptom that is confused with LPR? Chronic cough.

What is treatment for your chronic cough due to your larynx sensory neuropathy?

Sounds like your cough is prompting a lot of pain. What treatment is your doctor prescribing for your chronic cough due to your larynx sensory neuropathy? In reply to @lisalucier “Hi, @tkubby – having a chronic cough for many years has got to be frustrating.

Is there autonomic neuropathy in the larynx?

In other words, over active nerves in the larynx. Hello @tkubby, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. — I’m tagging @alaskaann, @jeffrow, @steeldove, @2011panc who have all discussed autonomic neuropathy in a previous post.

Can a person with sensory neuropathy have a cough?

Chronic cough. A minority of patients experience a globus sensation, chronic throat clearing, phlegmy throat or a tickle in the throat. But most have a cough – sensory neuropathic cough.