What is Hoonigan Gymkhana?

What is Hoonigan Gymkhana?

Ken Block’s Gymkhana: the viral video series that changed automotive filmmaking forever, with well over 550 MILLION views for the series to date. It’s also a big part of where Mr. Block gets his title from – HHIC, aka Head Hoonigan In Charge.

Can you buy a Hoonigan car?

These cars are practically celebrities and they can be yours. At the beginning of 2021, Ken Block and his Hoonigan Racing announced that the gymkhana guru and Ford have separated ways. Here’s your chance to become a Hoonigan yourself, but see first what you’re buying.

How much would a Hoonicorn cost?

The Hoonicorn is a truly unique car, and one that Block obviously isn’t done enjoying. We’re just imagining him striking his best Dr. Evil pose and quoting Hamilton a price of “one million dollars”, his pinky finger propping up a diabolical smirk.

What kind of car is the Ken Block Gymkhana 7?

Hoonicorn Mustang makes its video debut in Los Angeles with Ken block’s Gymkhana 7. Hoonicorn Mustang makes its video debut in Los Angeles with Ken block’s Gymkhana 7.

Where does Ken Block do his burnout in gymkhana 7?

Gymkhana 7 opens in an industrial warehouse with Block introducing the new car by way of his latest trick – doing a burnout whilst the car is chained to a wall. The restraints are released and Block heads off on his tour of Tinseltown.

What was the Hoonicorn RTR built for Ken Block?

1. A Mustang RTR Like Never Before 2. Achieving The Impossible 3. The Beast Takes Shape 4. Final Assembly What’s up Speedhunters! I am pumped to share some of the finer details around the Hoonicorn RTR that ASD Motorsports and RTR built for my good friend Ken Block so that he could shred downtown LA for Gymkhana SEVEN.

What do you need to know about the Hoonicorn RTR?

Like any inspired design, the Hoonicorn RTR came with a very specific set of requirements: It had to be nimble, powerful, rotate quickly, shoot flames and cause anyone nearby to plug their ears. Oh, and obviously melt tires like a champ.