What is grade non disclosure?

What is grade non disclosure?

Some business schools with grade non-disclosure policies prohibit students from revealing their grades or GPAs to recruiters until they’ve been hired; some allow students the discretion to choose whether to reveal their grades; most bar recruiters from asking for them, from interns or grads.

Does Kellogg have grade non disclosure?

Kellogg has no grade non-disclosure policy, which means that recruiters may ask about your grades and students may discuss them. Grades rarely come up in conversation, although finance recruiters are known to ask about them.

Does UCLA Anderson have grade non disclosure?

Grade Non-Disclosure (GND) is a student-led agreement where students at the Anderson School of Management do not disclose grades or GPAs to any Anderson-sourced employment opportunities.

Does Columbia Business School have grade non disclosure?

Columbia Business School students voted to implement a student norm of grade non disclosure. This community norm states that students will not disclosure grades, GPA’s, or transcripts to employers until a student accepts a full-time, post-graduation position with an employer.

What does it mean to have a Grade nondisclosure policy?

A grade nondisclosure (ND) policy refers to a prohibition imposed in some business-management schools on students revealing their grades or GPAs to recruiters until they have been hired. It also bars recruiters from asking interns and graduates about their grades.

When did HBS change their grade nondisclosure policy?

However, grade nondisclosure is not an official policy at Booth. HBS’s reversal of its grade nondisclosure policy came into effect in 2006. The Tuck Student Handbook (2013-14) indicates that grade nondisclosure is in force at the school. Online sources suggest that there are many ways in which schools manage the grade nondisclosure issue.

Which is the best school for grade nondisclosure?

Booth, Columbia, Haas, Ross, Stanford GSB, and Wharton are among the top schools with grade nondisclosure policies, according to online sources. The grade nondisclosure policy at Columbia reads: