What is emotion-focused therapy for trauma?

What is emotion-focused therapy for trauma?

Emotion-focused therapy for trauma (EFTT) is an evidence-based, short-term, individual therapy for adult clients dealing with issues stemming from child abuse trauma.

What is emotion-focused therapy used to treat?

EFT is best known as a cutting edge, tested and proven couple intervention, but it is also used to address individual depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress (EFIT – Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy) and to repair family bonds (EFFT – Emotionally Focused Family Therapy).

Is emotion-focused therapy the same as emotionally focused therapy?

Emotion-focused therapy distinguishes between primary maladaptive or primary adaptive emotions. Emotionally focused therapy focuses on de-escalating negative cycles of interaction and emotion regulation strategies driven by primary emotions that are outside of awareness.

What are the key concepts of emotionally focused therapy?

A key tenet of EFT is that one has to feel a feeling in order to change it. In EFT, clients are helped to better identify, experience, accept, regu- late, explore, make narrative sense of, transform, use, and flexibly manage their emotions.

How to treat complex trauma with emotion focused therapy?

Treating Complex Trauma with Emotion-Focused Therapy 1 Emotion-focused therapy is an approach to psychotherapy… 2 The Three Goals of Emotion-Focused Therapy. 3 Using EFT to Overcome Complex Trauma. If you have complex trauma,… 4 If You Have Complex Trauma, There Is Hope.

How is trauma focused psychotherapy used to treat PTSD?

Results of recent meta-analyses suggest that either one can reduce PTSD symptoms. (2,3) The CPG defines trauma-focused psychotherapy as therapy that uses cognitive, emotional, or behavioral techniques to facilitate processing a traumatic event and in which the trauma focus is a central component of the therapeutic process.

Who is the author of emotion focused therapy?

Dr. Paivio is the author of numerous publications on trauma and psychotherapy, including Working With Emotions in Psychotherapy (coauthored with Les Greenberg) and of Emotion-Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma (coauthored with Antonio Pascual-Leone).

What do you need to know about Emotionally Focused Therapy?

In Emotion-Focused Therapy, a variety of therapeutic techniques are used to achieve specific goals based on where the individual or couple is. These techniques are also known as “therapeutic tasks,” which were discovered through a task analysis of psychotherapy session transcripts.