What is Bill of Material in Oracle Apps?

What is Bill of Material in Oracle Apps?

Overview of Bills of Material Oracle Manufacturing and Oracle Order Management use bills of material to store lists of items that are associated with a parent item and information about how each item is related to its parent. Oracle Manufacturing supports standard, model, option class, and planning bills of material.

What is BOM Routing in Oracle Apps?

A routing defines the step-by-step operations you perform to manufacture a product. Each routing can have any number of operations. For each operation you specify a department that determines the resources you may use for that operation.

What is Bill of Material routing?

BOM/Routing Lists the components required to produce an item as well as any subas- semblies and their components. Provides both an engineering and costed view of the entire product structure.

What is meant by bom?

A bill of materials (BOM) is a centralized source of information used to manufacture a product. It is a list of the items needed to create a product as well as the instructions on how to assemble that product.

How to create an oracle Bill of material?

Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning User’s Guide Model bill of material with optional items and option selection rules Configuration manufactured from mandatory components and selected options, or purchased from a supplier Item manufactured from mandatory standard components, or purchased from a supplier

How to create a manufacturing BOM in Oracle?

If you do not include a value for this column, Oracle Bills of Material defaults a value of 1 (manufacturing), and creates a manufacturing BOM. To create an engineering bill, you must enter a value of 2 (engineering) for the ASSEMBLY_TYPE column.

When to use engineering bill of material in Oracle master scheduling?

When you nest planning items, Oracle Master Scheduling explodes forecasts level by level and applies planning percentages at each level. You can define an engineering bill of material as an alternate for a manufacturing bill.

How does the bill and routing interface work in Oracle?

It defines the tables used in importing bills and explains the mandatory, derived and optional columns. Once you load the data into the interface tables, you can launch the Bill and Routing Interface program from the Import Bills and Routings form in Oracle Bills of Material or Oracle Engineering.