What is a Sony NEX-3N?

What is a Sony NEX-3N?

Manufacturer description: The Sony NEX-3N is Sony’s entry-level NEX camera, replacing the NEX-F3. It features a smaller body than the F3, and Sony says it is the smallest, lightest mirrorless camera to feature an APS-C sensor, despite featuring a built-in flash.

Is Sony NEX-3N mirrorless?

The Sony α NEX-3N is an entry level rangefinder-styled digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera announced by Sony on 20 February 2013.

Is Sony NEX-3N dslr?

The body is about the same size as a standard P&S digital camera, but the NEX-3N offers DSLR features like a real handgrip and a zoom lens that is larger and obviously more substantial than the flimsy looking telescoping zoom lenses customarily found on P&S digital cameras.

What can I do with the Sony NEX-3N?

Just like Olympus and Panasonic, the Sony NEX-3N offers a range of eleven creative Picture Effects, including posterisation, partial colour, retro, high-key, mono and toy camera. These effects can also be applied when using the Intelligent Auto shooting mode.

Is the NEX 3N a top deck camera?

When we reviewed the NEX-F3, we commented on the inconsistency of the top-deck control layouts in recent NEX-series cameras, and the NEX-3N brings yet another option to the table.

Is the NEX 3N the same size as the C3?

Compactness is key, and the Sony NEX-3N’s newly-designed body is almost exactly the same size as that of the C3. In an impressive feature of miniaturization, though, both of the key features added in the NEX-F3 — its built-in flash and forward-tilting LCD — are retained in its smaller, lighter replacement.

How big is a Sony NEX-3N mirrorless camera?

Considering that the average weight of Mirrorless type cameras is 423g, Sony NEX-3N is a remarkably light camera for its class. Even better, with a thickness of only 35mm, it is also quite small, 13mm thinner than the average of its class.