What is a pressure enthalpy diagram for a refrigerant?

What is a pressure enthalpy diagram for a refrigerant?

The pressure-enthalpy diagram (log P/h diagram) is a very useful tool for refrigerant technicians. First, an explanation of how the diagram is built up is given, and then its use is describ​ed. Figure 2.1​ shows the principle of a log P/h diagram, and indicates the refrigerant’s various thermodynamic states.

What is S in TS diagram?

A temperature–entropy diagram, or T–s diagram, is a thermodynamic diagram used in thermodynamics to visualize changes to temperature and specific entropy during a thermodynamic process or cycle as the graph of a curve.

What is enthalpy in simple terms?

Enthalpy, the sum of the internal energy and the product of the pressure and volume of a thermodynamic system. If the only work done is a change of volume at constant pressure, the enthalpy change is exactly equal to the heat transferred to the system.

What does C stand for in Q MC?

Specific heat
Q = Heat energy (in Joules, J) m = Mass of a substance (kg) c = Specific heat (J/kg∙K) ∆T = Change in temperature (Kelvins, K)

What do you need to know about an enthalpy diagram?

An enthalpy diagram allows us to easily see details of a chemical reaction. By knowing how to draw and label an enthalpy diagram we can see what the starting energy level is, how much energy is needed to get the reaction going, and what energy is left at the end of a chemical reaction. What Is an Enthalpy Diagram?

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