What is a Navy instruction?

What is a Navy instruction?

An OPNAVINST or OPNAV Instruction is a formally documented lawful order that is issued by the Chief of Naval Operations. These instructions are typically used to establish United States Navy policy, procedures, and requirements. Each instruction is referenced with an OPNAVINST directive number and a date.

What is a floc in the Navy?

Flag Letter of Commendation (FLOC).

What is a Bupers instruction?

BUPERS Instruction 1016.10 is the Navy’s Official instruction on reporting via the EVAL and FITREP system. The intent behind BUPERS INST 1610.10 is to publish revised guidance for performance evaluation and to publish the revised Navy Performance Evaluation Manual (EVALMAN).

How many lines are in a navy floc?

Navy Letter of Commendation. The Letter of Commendation citation shall be typed in double-spaced, 12-pitch Courier New, 15 lines maximum (this includes the opening and closing sentences).

What is the SECNAV instruction 1650.1h from?

SECNAV INSTRUCTION 1650.1H From: Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Af f airs) Subj: NAVY AND MARINE CORPS AWARDS MANUAL 1. Purpose. To provide guidance and regulations concerning awards available for recognizing individuals and units in the Naval Service. 2. Cancellation. SECNAVINST 1650.1G. 3. Award Websites a.

Where to find OPNAV 1650 / 3 unit award recommendation?

OPNAV 1650/3 Personal Award Recommendation and OPNAV 1650/14 Unit Award Recommendation may be downloaded from the Navy Awards website at b. The reporting requirements contained in Chapter 9 are assigned symbol 0216-DOS-AN(1650) and are approved per SECNAV M-5214.1.

What does comnavcruitcominst 1650.1a stand for?

COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1650.1A. b. COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 12451.2D, CIVILIAN INCENTIVE AWARDS PROGRAM has been incorporated into this directive and is now identified as Chapter 6. c. COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 5305.1K, RECRUITING REFERRAL RECOGNITION PROGRAM has been incorporated into this directive and is now identified as Chapter 7.

Who is the commander of NAVSUPPACT Naples Inst 1650?

NAVSUPPACT NAPLES INST 1650 . 1B other acts/ services which are above and beyond what is normally expected, and which distinguish an individual among those performing similar acts or service. An individual’s performance of duties over an extended period of time is not necessarily the basis for military awards.