What happened to Mike Keppler on CSI?

What happened to Mike Keppler on CSI?

Keppler sacrificed himself to take the bullet Suddenly, the hooker tried to escape.

Who played Mike on CSI?

Liev Schreiber
Helping with the case is Mike Keppler (played by Liev Schreiber), an experienced CSI from Baltimore who is the newest hire on the day shift but is filling in temporarily on the night shift since Grissom is on sabbatical.

Why did Aisha Tyler leave CSI?

While Tyler’s tenure on The Talk made her even more popular with viewers, ultimately, she decided to step away from the CBS show to focus on other projects — and many fans still wonder why.

What happened to Holly gribbs?

In the pilot episode, when Warrick Brown left her alone at a crime scene to go place a bet, Holly was shot by suspect Jerrod Cooper. Despite efforts to save her, Holly eventually succumbed to her injuries while receiving surgery at a hospital.

Will CSI Return 2020?

CSI is making a comeback, only this time in Vegas A sequel to the American procedural forensics crime drama series Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), called CSI: Vegas, is officially making a return for the 2021-22 season, CBS has announced.

Why did Grissom leave in Season 7?

In short, Petersen left CSI to pursue other opportunities. He believed he was becoming “too comfortable” in the role. “The reason I’m leaving is because I’m afraid I’m becoming too comfortable,” Petersen said in a CNN Entertainment article.

Did Roger Daltrey appear in CSI?

Roger Daltrey, lead singer of The Who, has landed a role in the detective series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’. Daltrey, who already does the voice-over at the beginning of every episode of the ‘CSI’ franchise’, will guest star in an upcoming episode of the show.

Who replaced Jennifer Love Hewitt on Criminal Minds?

Aisha Tyler
On June 22, 2015, it was announced that Aisha Tyler (ironically, Hewitt’s co-star during Season 1 of The Ghost Whisperer) would replace Hewitt in a recurring role as Dr. Tara Lewis, a psychologist with an eye on forensic psychology and its application toward the criminal justice system.

Who replaced Greg in CSI DNA?

Chandra Moore
Chandra Moore was a DNA Tech assigned to the Las Vegas Crime Lab as the new replacement for former tech Greg Sanders in the season five premiere.

Who was Michael Keppler on CSI Las Vegas?

Michael Keppler Name Michael ” Mike ” Keppler Gender Male Family Amy McCarthy (fiancee; deceased) Herb Ke City Las Vegas

Who is the serial killer on CSI Las Vegas?

Keppler joined the Las Vegas Crime Lab at a difficult stage, as a serial killer that has been raping and killing women since the 1970’s, strikes again. After working with the CSI team, he eventually manages to capture the serial killer, which showed his skill to the other CSIs.

Is there going to be a CSI Vegas?

Forensic fans can rejoice with the news that CBS is reviving the show that began our fascination with crime scene investigation with the pickup of a new spinoff, CSI: Vegas.

Who are the original cast members of CSI?

Original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation stars William Petersen, Jorja Fox and Wallace Langham will reprise their roles as Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle and David Hodges, respectively. Also, just announced, Paul Guilfoyle, who played homicide detective captain Jim Brass on the original series, will reprise his role, according to TV Line.