What foods are served at Heaviley tandoori in Stockport?

What foods are served at Heaviley tandoori in Stockport?

Fairly hot chicken tikka cooked with onions and chillies. Fairly hot chicken tikka & chickpeas. Fairly hot chicken tikka cooked in garlic and rich massala sauce. Fairly hot chicken tikka lamb tikka & king prawn cooked in chef’s special sauce with red & green peppers, tomatoes, chillies & coriander.

Which is the best Indian takeaway in Stockport?

Heaviley Tandoori is a Indian takeaway in Stockport. Why don’t you try our Keema Sandwich or Spicy Donner Shashlik Kebab on Nan? Stockports finest and even bigger!

What kind of chicken is at Heaviley tandoori?

Excellent delivery service & always delivered within an hour as promised after booking online. Ordered a chicken jalfrezi which was yellow tasteless no peppers in it and very little chicken the tray was crushed due to another curry being sat on top of it , my son had a chicken balti again yellow in colour absolutely tasteless and not… More

What kind of spices are used in Heaviley tandoori?

Prepared with fresh onions, peppers, green chillies & herbs giving a medium to hot flavour. Prepared using lots of fresh onions with ginger, coriander, fresh herbs & spices. Original authentic Indian dish delicately spiced & cooked with pimentos, capsicums, tomatoes & garnished with coriander.

Where did the Red tandoori chicken come from?

The bright red, crispy-skinned version of tandoori chicken that is commonly served today originated about 100 years ago in Pakistan, where a man named Kundan Lal Gujral popularized the dish. When Gujral later opened a restaurant in Delhi, he was credited with popularizing Indian food as a whole, per Food52.

What’s the best side dish to eat with tandoori chicken?

Read on to discover two classic side dishes to eat with tandoori chicken. Rice pilaf is a popular recipe that can be endlessly modified to complement different flavors, so the Indian version, otherwise known as rice pulao, tastes great alongside tandoori chicken (via Indiaphile ).