What does unremarkable mean in medical test results?

What does unremarkable mean in medical test results?

Unremarkable: Just what you think it means. Boring! Normal. Negative: Usually referring to a medical test. Generally means that the test did not find anything abnormal.

What does it mean when it says unremarkable?

If you describe someone or something as unremarkable, you mean that they are very ordinary, without many exciting, original, or attractive qualities.

What does not remarkable mean in medical terms?

The bottom line is that radiologists and health physicians use the term unremarkable meaning to reflect that the test results differ from what they expected. Hence, it indicates that the reports are normal or it’s within normal limits. It’s unimpressive for the doctors in most cases.

What does the term ” unremarkable ” mean in medicine?

What Does the Term “unremarkable” Mean in Medicine? What Does the Term “unremarkable” Mean in Medicine? The term “unremarkable” is often used by physicians, lab technicians or radiologists to suggest that the results of a test or scan does not differ from what they would expect to see on a normal test, according to Intelihealth.

What does RMP stand for in medical category?

2 Answers found. RMP means Registered Medical Practitioner. To register as RMP doctor one should have required qualification in the relevant practice/system of medicine, like alopathic, Unani. Homeopathy, Ayurvedic.

What’s the definition of unremarkable when used in CT scan?

So when you see the word “unremarkable” in a CT report, you can substitute for it “don’t worry, be happy”. Of course, just because one part of the report is “unremarkable”, that does not necessarily mean the entire study is unremarkable.

What does it mean when something is grossly unremarkable?

“Grossly Unremarkable” means that nothing unusual or “wrong” can be seen with the naked eye. This is not to say that everything is okay, just that the problem may need more advanced equipment to see. Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.