What does the phrase offer valid while stocks last mean?

What does the phrase offer valid while stocks last mean?

“Valid while stocks last” means there’s no specific end time for the offer, it ends when the stock runs out. If somoene goes in to the store and buys all of the remaining stock at the special price, the offer just ended.

How do you say while supplies last?

‘While supply lasts’ is forcing a more mass usage on this sense, which sounds unnatural. ‘While our / the / this year’s supply lasts’ sounds less outlandish. ‘While supplies last’ is by far the more usual non-determiner(etc)-accompanied usage.

How do you use last stock in a sentence?

  1. What’s happening: Homebase kicked off its sale early – it runs until 30 November in store and online “while stocks last”.
  2. Addicts should buy now, while stocks last.
  3. Offer available until 31 December 2013 while stocks last.
  4. The lesson of the past five years is that you can only do Thatcherism once, while stocks last.

What does while supplies last mean?

What is a ‘while supplies last’ offer? A ‘while supplies last’ offer is a discount or deal that will expire when you’ve run out of stock. If shoppers don’t convert now, they won’t get a second chance. This type of offer doesn’t pressurise shoppers too much. Shoppers have no way of knowing when supplies will run out.

Which is correct while stock last or while stocks last?

Ask a Teacher… Should it be “While stock lasts” or “While stocks last”? Thanks. I would say “offer valid while stocks last” for example.

Which is an example of a disclaimer statement?

Disclaimers inform users that your site will not be held responsible for any damages suffered from using your site. For example, if you run a legal blog, a legal disclaimer will tell users that your content should not be taken as legal advice, and your site will not be held accountable for any legal actions the reader may take.

What does it mean to have a disclaimer on a website?

The “errors and omissions” disclaimer is commonly found on blogs and websites, and works to let users know that if there are any errors in the material, or omission of information that turns out to be material, the site-owner/author isn’t to be held liable for damages that arise out of them.

When do you need to include a views expressed disclaimer?

” If you’re giving a presentation, you may want to (or even be required to) include a “views expressed” disclaimer. This type of disclaimer will inform viewers that you created the presentation, not your employer.