What does EM heat mean on my thermostat?

What does EM heat mean on my thermostat?

emergency heat
Short for “emergency heat,” it is a setting that controls your home’s back-up heating system. If you have an emergency heat thermostat setting, you likely have a heat pump, as well as a gas, oil, electric, or hot-water back-up system.

Does EM heat cost more?

Using Emergency Heat May Cause Higher Heating Bills: Emergency heat is more expensive than its traditional counterpart, so you will probably see a spike in your utility bills if you need to use it. You should use emergency heat for the shortest period of time possible.

When should you use EM heat?

It is used when there is something wrong with first-stage heating (the Heat Pump itself). In other words, if you notice your house is cold and it isn’t heating properly and you went outside and noticed that a tree fell and crushed your heat pump, that would be a good time to switch to Emergency Heat.

When should I switch my heat pump to emergency heat?

When Should I Switch My Heat Pump Thermostat to Emergency Heat? [FAQ] Short answer: You should only set your heat pump’s thermostat to “emergency heat” when your heat pump stops heating altogether. And in that case, you should also call a professional for help.

How does a Bryant heat pump save energy?

WHATEVER The Time Of Year, Bryant Heat Pumps Deliver Comfort. Efficiently and comfortably heat and cool your home all year long with a Bryant ® heat pump system. Add a Bryant ® gas furnace and enjoy Hybrid Heat® to save even more energy.

Are there any smart thermostats that work with Bryant?

The ecobee Smart Thermostats, Powered by Bryant, can tailor themselves to your schedule, your personal comfort preferences and the weather outside. They can also provide details on savings each month and insight into your heating and cooling equipment performance.

What does the green light on the Bryant thermostat mean?

If not present, check wiring. What if there is a green light on in the upper corner of the display area? This thermostat uses a green LED to indicate auxiliary heat and emergency heat operation on the Heat Pump model. If the heal pump is not working properly, you can manually select the emergency heat for extra help in heating.

How many seers does a Bryant heat pump have?

Bryant ® Preferred Series heat pumps deliver all-season flexibility for total home comfort, with up to 17 SEER ratings. Enjoy heating and cooling energy savings year-round.