What does a military police officer do?

What does a military police officer do?

As a Military Police, you’ll protect peoples’ lives and property on Army installations by enforcing military laws and regulations. You’ll also control traffic, prevent crime, and respond to all emergencies. You’ll conduct force protection, anti-terrorism, area security, and police intelligence operations.

What is the job environment for military police?

Work Environment Law enforcement officers in the Military usually work in offices while planning and directing law enforcement and security activities. They may work outdoors while directing investigations, observing prisoners, and inspecting security systems.

What is a military police company?

Military police (MP) are law enforcement agencies connected with, or part of, the military of a state. A section of the military responsible for policing the areas of responsibility of the armed forces (referred to as provosts) against all criminal activity by military or civilian personnel.

Where is the 1186th Military Police Company located?

The 1186th Military Police Company, based in Salem, Oregon, joined their detachment from Hood River to conduct military operations in urban terrain (MOUT). (Oregon Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Timothy Jackson, 115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment) see less | View Image Page

Who is the leader of the 1186th MP?

As a team leader with 1st platoon, 1186th MP, Sgt. Ken Clark remarked that the longer drill weekends allowed for a more robust training period, bringing together Soldiers from Salem and Hood River. Prior to the change in drilling format, the two groups only trained together during their two weeks of annual training.

Who are the soldiers of the MP Company?

The MP Company, made up of 154 Soldiers from Salem and Hood River, operated together during a four-day period, beginning on Jan. 31, as they prepared for their mission essential task list (METL) certifications this year. The roar of High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) was only matched by the nearby Pacific Ocean’s waves.

Who are the US Army Military Police Corps?

The following is a list of units within the United States Military Police Corps, with their Distinctive unit insignia . HHC LEA “Law and order south of the border”.