What do you need to know about BVM Jets?

What do you need to know about BVM Jets?

BVM’s team with 35 years experience is committed to delivering a jet model airplane that you will be proud to own. And, we are here to help you after the sale. Service and support is an advantage that all BVM customers enjoy. That’s what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

What was Bob BVM’s first model airplane?

Starting with his Sport Shark ducted fan model, he traveled the country going to events to show off his product capabilities. He followed his original models with his iconic Viper, Aggressor, and the scale F86. All of which became industry standard-bearers. Bob developed BVM Jets into much more than a model airplane company.

Is the BVM Go Fly Gold a tomahawk jet?

The high quality, sophisticated engineered Tomahawk models compliment the BVM product line as we continue to support your jet modeling needs. We are also excited that the 1:3.7 F-86 Sabre is now available in the RX ready format equivalent to the BVM Go Fly Gold that so many of you have come to enjoy.

Where does BVM make their ultra bandit Jets?

BVM maintains a full production 14,000sq ft facility in Winter Springs, Fl. There is nothing like this in the R/C industry remaining in the USA. Our 18 US citizen employees are paid American wages. Many have been with us for 20+ years.

Are there any products that are not in stock at BVM?

Disclosures: BVM prides itself in providing a quality product delivered to customers on time. Due to the popularity of certain products, we can not guarantee that each item you have ordered will be in stock. If any items you ordered are not in stock, BVM will inform you immediately.

Which is the best way to use the BV approach?

The BV approach is to use performance metrics, create a “win-win”, use a supplychain approach and create a transparent environment. BV practice increases value and minimizes cost.