What do you feed show turkeys?

What do you feed show turkeys?

Feeding show turkeys: Week 7 For every 20 lbs of Honor® Show feed blend the following: 10 lbs of Honor® Show Poultry Prestarter. 10 lbs of Honor® Show Poultry Starter. 8 oz High Octane® Power Fuel® Supplement.

What is the best feed for Turkey?

Turkeys need a high protein diet when they are young as they grow and gain muscle quickly. To support this growth, feed a complete feed with 30 percent protein, such as Purina® Game Bird + Turkey Startena® until the birds are 8 weeks old.

How many pounds of feed does a turkey eat per day?

The most feed is eaten in the last few weeks, by 28 weeks they are eating . 62 pounds per turkey per day.

When do you start feeding turkeys regular food?

At about 13 weeks or so, your turkeys can start eating a regular turkey or game bird feed. At this stage, you can start feeding a lower percentage protein. As far as commercial poultry feeds go, typically the lower the total percentage protein in the feed, the less expensive it is.

What to feed a Turkey chick through adults 60 foods?

Chick Starter Protein Percentage Feed Type Protein Percentage Chick Starter (Chicken) 18 – 19% Turkey Starter 26 – 30% Gamebird Starter 28 – 30%

How do you teach a Turkey to eat?

If the feed is in egg trays or shallow paper plates, the poults should start to eat. Poults that are not eating often learn how if their beaks are dipped first in water, then in the feed. After a few poults have been taught how to eat, the others should learn by example.

Why are turkeys and broilers important to show poultry?

There are four important princi- ples in developing an appropriate nutrition program for show broilers and turkeys. Principle 1: To grow, birds must eat and drink. Inadequate feed stunts development and prevents birds from growing to their poten- tial.