What causes a misfire at low rpm?

What causes a misfire at low rpm?

Ignition system components, including spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coils and ignition timing are culprits as are lean air/fuel mixtures and mechanical issues within the engine. Worn piston rings, worn or broken valves and worn cylinder walls, as well as worn cam lobes can also contribute to the problem.

Can rpm cause misfire?

Misfires can occur at idle, when the engine is pulling hard under load, at high rpm and during throttle transitions as the air/fuel mixture changes. But if the misfires get out of hand and occur too often, they can make the engine idle or run rough, stumble when accelerating, waste gas and fail an emissions test.

How much is a 1990 Harley Davidson Softail worth?


Excellent $9,055
Very Good $5,695
Good $2,530
Fair $1,155
Poor N/A

Why does my Harley spit and sputter?

There are several reasons why a motorcycle sputters. The most common reasons are carburetor issues such as a vacuum leak, fuel leak, or tuning issues. Other culprits could include corroded or cracked spark plugs or spark plug wires, a faulty ignition coil, a clogged air filter, or engine timing issues.

What kind of tire does a fxstc Softail have?

A 200 mm rear tire and Bobtail fender add authority to the rear end, while chrome details on the powertrain and oil tank contrast the black powder-coated engine.

What’s the RPM on a 2009 Harley Davidson Softail?

ue that low on the rpm band. 2009 Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom. The FXSTC Softail Custom is, obviously, made to be ridden and in order for that to happen at a level that would satisfy Harley owners, the bike is supposed to be light and to offer the proper balance between looks and functionality.

What’s the price of a new Harley Davidson Softail?

The starting price of the 2009 Harley-Davidson FXSTC Softail Custom varries accordingly to the choosen color. So, for Black, the MSRP starts at $ 16,999, for any simple colors it starts at $ 17,344, at $ 17,654 for the two-tone and at $ 17,824 for any of the custom colored bikes. Conclusion.

What kind of engine does a Harley Davidson Softail have?

Inspired by the 1960s style, Harley-Davidson developed the FXST 1340 Softail Custom, which was first introduced, sold and enjoyed in 1984, the birth year of the Softail family. At the time, the bike was powered by the 64 hp at 5,200 rpm, 1,337 cc (81.58 cubic inches), air-cooled, V-twin engine that was mated to a four-speed transmission.