What causes a dislocated hyoid bone?

What causes a dislocated hyoid bone?

Neck trauma, commonly by strangulation, athletic activities, and car accidents, is the cause of a hyoid bone fracture. Other causes include violent vomiting, gunshot wounds, and hanging.

Can the hyoid bone dislocation?

Due to their low incidence, hyoid bone fractures/dislocations can be easily missed. Symptoms vary from mild neck pain to severe, acute airway compromise, which may prove fatal. Physical examination of the neck, flexible nasoendoscopy and imaging are essential.

What happens if your hyoid bone breaks?

A hyoid bone fracture may lead to laryngeal and pharyngeal lacerations and swelling of the anterior cervical tissue and provoke severe upper airway compromise [8, 12]. The patient in the present case experienced anterior neck pain aggravated by palpation and neck extension.

What type of injury might affect the hyoid bone?

Injuries to the hyoid bone are rare. The most commonly reported injury is fracture, yet this is often a post-mortem finding, with an incidence of between 17–76 %, in victims of strangulation and hanging. In survivors it is more often associated with a trauma other than manual strangulation.

What causes the hyoid bone to be dislocated?

The hyoid bone is involved in several functions of the throat, including breathing, swallowing, and talking. A hyoid bone dislocation occurs when this bone is moved from its normal position in the throat. Common causes of hyoid bone dislocations include car accidents, strangulation, and direct trauma to the neck,…

Can a dislocated hyoid bone cause difficulty breathing?

More severe hyoid bone dislocations that cause difficulty breathing or cut off the air supply may require more invasive treatments such as surgery. Surgery to repair a dislocated hyoid bone will involve resetting the bone in its correct position in the neck as well as possibly securing the bone in place using wires.

Can a dislocated hyoid bone cut off the air supply?

As long as the hyoid bone dislocation does not cut off the air supply and the person can breathe normally, these injuries can be treated very conservatively.

What are the early complications of a hyoid bone fracture?

Vomiting was also reported to be a causative factor 13). Complications of hyoid bone fracture are divided into early and late. Early complications include subcutaneous emphysema, dyspnoea, pharyngeal tears and thyroid cartilage injury.