What can you do with an Asian studies minor?

What can you do with an Asian studies minor?

What can I do with a Major or Minor in Asian Studies?

  • Consular Services.
  • Cultural Affairs Specialist.
  • Customs Inspector/ Officer.
  • Diplomat.
  • Foreign Correspondent.
  • Foreign Service Officer.
  • Immigration Officer.
  • Immigration Services Worker.

Does UCLA offer minors?

UCLA offers more than 90 minors, many of which you can pair in unexpected ways with majors. For instance, the food studies minor can be a nice complement to majors in chemistry, biology, communication and many more things.

How do you declare a minor at UCLA?

To have a minor officially recorded on the transcript and diploma, the student must petition the department or office administering the minor for admission to the minor. College of Letters and Science students must petition to enter a minor through the department or office administering the minor.

Does UCLA have Korean?

UCLA offers the widest range of undergraduate courses on Korea of any university in North America.

Is Chinese studies a good degree?

It’s a degree that may give you the opportunity to study Chinese language, art, history, economy, culture, and more. Many schools may also offer the opportunity to study abroad in China to further expand your knowledge. A strong education can equip you with the skills to succeed in your career and life.

What can I do with a Korean degree?

If you are not looking for a regular job, I have a couple of ideas you can follow using your Korean degree:

  • Start a Youtube channel to introduce your culture using Korean.
  • Sell Korean products to your country using your Korean ability.
  • Be a middleman between Korean speaking companies and the companies of your country.

Do employers care about your minor?

You often hear it said that college minors “aren’t really that important,” or that employers don’t necessarily care about what you minored in during your undergraduate career. Your minor might not be something you think about often, but it can be a supplement to your skillset even after college.

How many Korean students are in UCLA?

Over 3,300 students of Korean heritage study at UCLA, the most of any university in the United States.

Is UCLA a branch campus?

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public land-grant research university in Los Angeles, California….University of California, Los Angeles.

Former names Southern Branch of the University of California (1919–1927) University of California at Los Angeles (1927–1958)
Undergraduates 31,543 (Fall 2019)

Can I get paid to learn languages?

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is an excellent way to get paid to learn another language. Others require TEFL certificates, which can be earned online or at some universities. Salaries vary by country, but they should be competitive.