What can an RDHAP do in California?

What can an RDHAP do in California?

What can an RDHAP do?

  • oral cancer assessment.
  • periodontal health assessment.
  • dental health assessment.
  • consultation with dentists and physicians regarding patient general and dental health.
  • preventive dental cleanings.
  • periodontal therapy: root planings and periodontal maintenance.
  • pit and fissure sealants.

What is the difference between RDH and RDHAP?

What is the difference between an RDH and an RDHAP? The RDHAP goes through additional education and earns a license from the state of California that allows him or her to work without the restrictions of being in a dental office. Are there RDHAPs in every state? Only in California are they called RDHAPs.

What does RDHAP stand for?

Registered Dental Hygienists in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) These settings are defined as Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas, residences of the homebound, nursing homes, hospitals, residential care facilities, and other public health settings.

How do I get RDHAP?

To become licensed as a RDHAP, California requires Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) to a) have a minimum of 2,000 hours of clinical hygiene practice in California during the immediately preceding 36 months, b) hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, and c) complete a 150-hour education program approved by the …

How to support RDHS and RDHAPs in California?

Join the only organization dedicated to supporting RDHs and RDHAPs in California. Start your journey by finding an accredited dental hygiene program at a school near you and turn your passion for caring for others into a rewarding career. Advocacy is not a spectator sport.

Why is CDHA the voice of Dental Hygiene in California?

The RDHAP profession and the Dental Hygiene Board of California were a direct result of CDHA advocacy. Our strength in numbers as members allows CDHA to continue to represent and move our profession forward.”

What are the duties and responsibilities of a RDHAP?

The duties and responsibilities that RDHAPs are allowed to perform are specified in the Business and Professions Code Sections 1900 – 1966.6 For other questions about RDHAP licensure, please call 916-263-1978.

Who are the dental hygienists in the state of California?

Hello. We’re California’s dental hygienists. We connect you to the largest network of oral health professionals in California, provide the resources and educational tools you need to stay informed, keep you up to date on industry trends and innovations, and advocate on your behalf for policies that help you and our industry thrive.