What are the different types of thyme?

What are the different types of thyme?

There are only about half a dozen considered suitable for cooking. Out of this group, I find four to be most useful: French thyme, lemon thyme, oregano-scented thyme, and caraway thyme. French thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is the one that most people know. The plant grows into an upright bush 12 in. to 18 in.

How do you identify thyme?

How to Identify Different Types of Thyme

  1. Notice the height of the plant. The low-creeping types of thyme grow 4 to 6 inches high.
  2. Observe the leaves for their shape and color.
  3. Check the stems and branches.
  4. Pick a few leaves and rub them between your fingers.
  5. Look for flowers.

Are oregano and thyme the same?

Oregano. Fresh or dried, oregano hits many of the same earthy, minty, savory and slightly bitter notes as thyme. It’s also got a spicy, herbal undertone that gives it a lovely complexity. Use fresh oregano in a 1:1 swap for fresh thyme, and dried oregano in a 1:1 swap for dried thyme.

Are there 2 types of thyme?

Types of Thyme Plants Common thyme (T. citriodorus) – Lemon thyme has an upright form with golden and variegated silver foliage available; strong lemon scent. Woolly thyme (T. pseudolanuginosus) – Woolly thyme has a prostrate form with pubescent stems and leaves appear gray in color; good for rock gardens.

What is a good substitute for thyme?

Tarragon, parsley, marjoram, and rosemary are all good substitutes for thyme, since they have a mild flavor. Basil and oregano can also be used, but these typically have a bold flavor. Italian seasoning is a blend of common herbs and spices, and it can also be used in place of thyme. Tarragon is often considered to be a good substitute for thyme.

How do you start thyme?

Plant your thyme seedlings in spring about two to three weeks before the last frost. For best results, plant them in soil that is about 70°F (21°C). Space the seedlings 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 centimeters) apart. Thyme thrives in full sun, so plant them in a very sunny area.

What is the best way to preserve thyme?

Storing thyme correctly will preserve its essence and flavor. Put the dried herb in an airtight container in a dim to dark area. Light and moisture will degrade the herb’s flavor.

When to harvest thyme?

Harvesting Thyme. Harvest alternating plants in late August or early September. Harvest plants from alternating rows around three weeks later and the final crop of thyme should be harvested in October. If harvesting for drying, it’s best to harvest thyme just as they come into flower.