What are geotechnical services?

What are geotechnical services?

Geotechnical engineering, also known as geotechnics, is the branch of civil engineering concerned with the engineering behavior of earth materials. It uses the principles of soil mechanics and rock mechanics for the solution of its respective engineering problems.

What does a geotechnical specialist do?

Geotechnical engineers investigate and evaluate soil, rock, groundwater, and man-made materials and their interaction with earth retention systems, structure foundations, and other civil engineering works.

What does the term geotechnical mean?

geotechnical. / (ˌdʒiːəʊˈtɛknɪkəl) / adjective. relating to the application of technology to engineering problems caused by geological factors.

What are the geotechnical activities?

Fundamental to geotechnical engineering are the study and practice of engineering geology, geomechanics (rock mechanics and soil mechanics), the design of foundations, the stabilization of slopes, the improvement of ground conditions, the excavation of tunnels and other underground openings, the analysis of ground …

How long has Transtech been providing engineering services?

Transtech has extensive experience managing complex federally funded projects from inception to completion. Transtech has been providing City Engineering services since 1989 and is accustomed to working with governmental agencies in every facet of public works and city engineering services.

What does Transtech do for building and safety?

Transtech provides CIP Program Management for several client cities from project development to completion. Transtech has extensive experience in managing the operation of the Building and Safety Division in several client cities, providing a range of expertise necessary to carry out the normal day-to day activities and functions of the Division.

What kind of customer service does Transtech offer?

Our technical product managers provide superior customer service to our current customers with application engineering questions. TransTech has demonstrated the ability to design, manufacture, and support its products to demanding industries. Engineering provides the backbone of that success. Contact us today for your next project!

Where is Transtech construction in Moreno Valley CA?

Transtech served as the Construction Management team for the Cactus Avenue/Nason Street Improvement Project in the City of Moreno Valley, which was completed in May, 2013. Located at 28 N 3rd St (condo) and 235 W Main St (retail).