What AMP does Michael Schenker use?

What AMP does Michael Schenker use?

What amps and effects do you take on the road? I use two JCM 50-watt Marshall two-channel amps and the Marshall cabinets with Celestion greenbacks. My only effects are a Dunlop Dimebag wah and a Boss delay and chorus. The other pedals are just volume controls, a Marshall footswitch, and a Boss tuner.

What wah pedal did Michael Schenker use?

Schenker also used the Pignose with a Cry Baby wah pedal for the horn-like melodic parts he played on “Ain’t No Baby,” “Born to Lose” and “Lookin’ Out For No. 1 (Reprise),” but on “Only You Can Rock Me” his solos are pure, unadulterated Gibson-into-Marshall nirvana.

What kind of pick does Michael Schenker use?

Schenker: I play Dunlop 60mm. I guess it was a type of pick that was lying around and I got used to it.”

What kind of amp did Michael Schenker use?

I have a few old videos and Guitar Player mags that clearly states and shows him using 4-hole 50 watt Marshalls up through his first MSG incarnation. It was after the breakup of the original MSG line-up that he switched to the 2205 JCM 800 amp during the McCauley- Schenker era.

When did Michael Schenker play with the Wah?

Mostly the “V”s secondarily the wah and Marshalls. I saw him with UFO at the Marquee Club in England in 1975. He had two marshalls, big box on the bottom and small on the top. Don’t know nuthin else, but he sounded fantastic.

What kind of strings do you use, Michael Schenker?

The 2205 Marshall 50-watt is what I play at this point. My settings are usually: Presence – 6; Volume – 1; Bass – 6; Middle – 6; Treble – 0; Gain – 10. What kind of action do you have on your guitars?

What kind of Marshall did Michael Schenker use?

On Strangers in the Night, he used 50w non master Marshalls, and a crybaby wah, that’s it. A lot of his solo tone came from finding the magic position with the wah cocked. During MSG he used 2205s, you can listen to the MSG live album and , hear the difference in tone, a little more gain, seems like a little less bottom end.