Should I support the mages or templars?

Should I support the mages or templars?

If Hawke helps to the Templars, many mages slaughtered, even if Hawke can convince Meredith to spare some lives. Whatever is Hawke’s decision, more Templars arrive in Kirkwall, so: helping Mages is the better choice because Hawke can help to escape to more mages, and can give more hope the other mages in the Circles.

Can you recruit both Mages and Templars?

It has been said that both the mages and the templars can be recruited. It is pretty easy to see a group A vs group B choice at the Circle Tower.

Is mage a good class in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Mages are a pretty awesome class in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is how to build the best one. Dragon Age: Inquisition, like the previous two games in the franchise, has three main classes. These are mage, rogue, and warrior.

Which is better mages or Templars in Dragon Age?

Well, there are five reasons to choose either faction. Updated by Juliet Childers on October 10th, 2020: The Dragon Age series has players make some staggeringly difficult decisions. Before the player even knows much about the situation, they are forced to help either the Mages or the Templars in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Who are the mages in Dragon Age Inquisition?

In the series, the player meets a lot of Mages. There is Morrigan, Wynne, Anders, Merrill, Solas, Dorian, Vivienne, and many more. Fans may have romanced some of them, or the player character is of the Mage class. Logically speaking, a Mage would probably prefer to choose Mages over Templars.

Who are the Templars in Dragon Age Inquisition?

On the other side is Fiona, who actually is first introduced in the Dragon Age books. Those familiar with content outside the games will know she is Alistair’s mother. Going into Inquisition with this knowledge, it’s even more tragic if she dies and she will die if the player chooses Templars.

Who are the bad eggs in Dragon Age Inquisition?

In the same way that there are “bad eggs” amongst the Templars (Meredith, Ser Otto Alrik), there are bad eggs amongst Mages (Jowan, Livius Erimond). Moreover, the actions of Templars at-large seem more villainous than those of the Mages. It’s a bit of a conundrum really.