Should I save the being in the tree?

Should I save the being in the tree?

Saving the Tree Spirit- If you want to save the tree, you’ll need a woman’s remains, a raven’s feather, and a black wild horse. If you do this AFTER starting the main quest “Ladies of the Wood”, the tree will free the children at Crookback Bog, which will upset the Crones and spell danger for Gran.

Should I kill or free the whispering hillock?

Recommended Choice Gameplay-wise, it is best to kill the spirit. The battle is not overly difficult, but if you do still have trouble, you can choose to trick it in order to kill the spirit while avoiding combat.

Should you kill the Crones Witcher 3?

The answer there is, unfortunately, there are no ideal choices. The war orphans that gather in Crookback Bog haven’t a chance of salvation. Whether it be the Crones or She-Who-Knows from the Whispering Hillock, something will kill those poor children.

Why is wild hunt after Ciri?

Essentially, thanks to her family lineage, she is endowed with a great deal of inherent power and ability, including the power to travel between worlds. Because of that, a great number of factions and organizations throughout The Witcher world want to take advantage of Ciri and take her power.

What happens if you kill the whispering hillock before meeting Crones?

Forum veteran. if you save spirit before meeting Crones, children will die.. Spirit will only save them as bargaining chip with you, but she doesn’t care about what happens with them.. She wants revenge, on village, and on Crones that killed her and cursed her into that form.

Can Geralt fight the crones?

With Fugas down, Ciri and Geralt decide to split up to defeat the Crones and Imlerith. Geralt wins a duel with Imlerith, while Ciri gets to fight the Crones.

Does Ciri want to be a witcher or empress?

Ciri doesn’t ever express a desire to be Empress. But many times she talks about how much she’d love to travel the world. As a Witcher she can do this, but as an Empress she is forced into a complicated political situation that she never wanted to be in the first place.