Is WiMax Dead 2020?

Is WiMax Dead 2020?

WiMAX is alive and well, but currently living in the shadow of LTE. It is a great wireless technology that has found its own niche. It could really become an alternative technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) as that movement comes into its own.

How much does WiMax cost?

The total cost per fully installed tower can exceed $200,000, depending on many factors. Districts in a current WiMAX subscriber area need only purchase the WiMAX equipment and sign a subscriber agreement. Contact the provider to discuss specific requirements.

Is WiMax fast?

A wireless standard that makes Wi-Fi look mini, WiMax is designed to replace your Internet connection with one up to 25 times faster than today’s broadband. The technology – officially known as 802.16 – not only transfers data as fast as 75 Mbps, but also goes through walls and has a maximum range of 30 miles.

Is WiMax better than Wi-Fi?

With regards to Speed, Broadband Wifi 802.11N is actually faster than Wimax 802.16e. For the Wimax Standard 802.16e, they are talking about 70 Mbps. So Wimax is actually slower than Broadband Wifi. On the other hand Wimax 802.16e is ready today with a range of 40 Miles.

What does WiMAX offer to the average consumer?

Internet speed ranges from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps. What will WiMAX services offer to the average consumer ? WiMAX will provide broadband connectivity anywhere, anytime, for any device and on NT network.Examples include: High speed internet access. Where it is currently unavailable ?

Which is the best MTN WiMAX unlimited plan?

2. Mtn WiMAX-Unlimited Plans Speed Data Allowance Price (N) Availability Validity 5Mbps Unlimited 10,000 24/7 7days 5Mbps Unlimited 22,000 4PM-6AM & Weekend 30 days 5Mbps Unlimited 35,000 24/7 30 days 10Mbps Unlimited 52,700 24/7 30 days

Where can I get WiMAX service in NT?

WiMAX service is available throughout the country within the tentative 2 km radius of the base station . NT as a market leader in Wireless Internet, will enhance its service, coverage and quality by delivering next generation technology to the subscribers.

Where can I get MTN WiMAX in Nigeria?

WiMAX is currently available in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ilorin, Oshogbo, Bauchi, Sokoto, Kaduna, Warri & Makurdi. You will receive a message saying your purchase is successful and the amount of data you bought. Although it can also be argued that MTN offers unlimited data services but their data services are not truly unlimited, even the MTN HyNet.