Is Tupolev still making planes?

Is Tupolev still making planes?

Tupolev has designed over 100 models of civilian and military aircraft and produced more than 18,000 aircraft for Russia, the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc since its founding, and celebrated its 90th anniversary on 22 October 2012….Tupolev.

Tupolev Headquarters at the shore of the Yauza river in Moscow
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Was the TU 144 a copy Concorde?

The Soviet-built Tu-144 actually flew before its supersonic rival Concorde, though it had a number of flaws inherent to the design that severely limited its usefulness. Part of the problem with the Tu-144 was its weight. Unlike the French-Anglo Concorde, the Soviet Tu-144′ landing gear had a whopping 12 wheels.

Is the TU 134 still flying?

Russian air companies have ceased regular passenger flights of the Tu-134. However, the aircraft is still in operation for cargo transportation and as a business jet. On 20 May 2019, the Soviet narrow-body airliner Tu-134 made its last regular passenger flight in Russia.

When was Tupolev founded?

22 October 1922, Moscow, Russia

What was the purpose of the Tu-141?

The Tu-141 was a follow-on to the Tupolev Tu-123 and was a relatively large, medium-range reconnaissance drone. It was designed to undertake reconnaissance missions several hundred kilometers behind the front lines at transonic speeds. It could carry a range of payloads, including film cameras, infrared imagers, EO imagers,…

Who was the commander of the Type 139 submarine?

The Type 139 submarines were dispatched on long-range missions, south across the Equator, and to the west across the Atlantic, operating independently. Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière commanded U-139, the first of the class, and named the submarine Kapitänleutnant Schweiger, after Walther Schwieger, who had sunk RMS Lusitania in 1915.

What was the range of the Tupolev Tu-134?

The fuselage received a 2.1-meter (6 ft 11 in) plug for greater passenger capacity and an auxiliary power unit in the tail. As a result, the maximum range was reduced from 3,100 kilometers to 2,770 kilometers. The upgraded D-30 engines now featured thrust reversers, replacing the parachute.

When did the Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh come out?

The Tupolev Tu-141 Strizh (Swift, Russian: Стриж) is a Soviet reconnaissance drone in service with the Soviet Red Army and with a number of its Warsaw Pact and Middle East allies during the late 1970s and 1980s.