Is skin bleaching illegal in UK?

Is skin bleaching illegal in UK?

Consumers are being warned to steer clear of skin lightening creams that can “act like paint stripper”. Unless they are issued on prescription by a doctor, creams containing hydroquinone, steroids or mercury are banned in the UK – because of their potentially serious side-effects.

Is Kojic acid legal in UK?

Other lightening agents, such as kojic acid, remain legal in the UK — despite being banned in Switzerland and Japan because of a potential link to skin cancer. And products containing corticosteroids, which also increase the risk of getting skin cancer, are available on prescription.

Are there any natural skin bleaching products that are safe?

Products marketed as natural skin bleaching aids are not regulated by the FDA. Most skin lightening products are not recommended for darker skin tones and could cause hyperpigmentation. Skin lightening treatments are also not recommended for use by children or people who are pregnant or nursing.

Why are bleaching products banned in the UK?

On top of the ethical implications, skin bleaching products are often sold illegally and contain chemicals that have been banned because they have been deemed unsafe to use. Hydroquinone is one such ingredient. According to the British Skin Foundation, hydroquinone works by “inhibiting production of the pigment melanin, which gives skin its colour.

Are there any illegal skin whitening products in the UK?

Nevertheless, illegal skin lightening products do manage to make their way to the UK. Illegal skin whitening creams can come from around the world including Pakistan, the Middle East and the Caribbean to name just a few and can sometimes be bought under the counter in beauty shops or online.

Do you have to see a dermatologist for bleaching?

Dr. Kassim stressed that you should only undergo skin lightening treatments after consulting with a skin care professional. 1. Contrary to the stereotype that skin lightening is purely cosmetic, dermatologists actually prescribe skin bleaching meds to their patients for skin disease.