Is Sirdar a British company?

Is Sirdar a British company?

Sirdar is the UK market leader in hand knitting yarns as well has having a growing presence in exports markets, most notably the USA. In the UK Sirdar now also distributes all Sirdar, DMC and Wool and The Gang products making the company the premier destination for needle crafting.

How do I contact Sirdar?

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us directly at [email protected]. One of team will get back to you in everyday English.

Where is Sirdar yarn made?

A factory in Turkey bought a lot of their machinery and today 80% of Sirdar yarn is manufactured there.

Is Patons yarn good?

I love this wool yarn, it is soft and sturdy, and holds up well if you have to unravel a section and then re-do it. I have done other small projects like hats and scarves with this yarn and have found them to hold up really well in the wash, but I always remember to hang-dry, just to be on the safe side.

Is the Sirdar Spinning shop in Wakefield good?

Thank you. A lovely, well-organised shop with a great range of yarns. Excellent service, friendly and helpful. Suggestions offered and interest in customer projects apparent. A delightful yarn shopping experience!

How can I get a response from Sirdar Spinning?

Sent a message via messenger on Facebook – no response, Twitter – no response. I have even sent an old fashioned letter to the Wakefield address – you guessed it no response! I cannot believe that all these different lines of communication are not being monitored so I can only summise that this company likes to steal money from its customers.

How many balls of wool are missing from Sirdar Spinning?

This should be no stars – After a couple of good experiences ordering from the website my third order arrived with 5 balls of wool missing – this was at the end of June. Using their enquiry form I duly informed them – no response. Two more enquiry forms followed over the next couple of weeks plus emailing – no response.

Which is book does Sirdar traditional Aran book 118?

SIRDAR Traditional ARAN Book 118, page 10 #5, CHILD’S V-NECK CARDIGAN. Do you have a correction to the pattern stitch instructions for this pattern? Also, I would like to knit the pattern in the same book on page 24, Number15, V-neck cardigan men’s adult sweater.