Is Phantom 3 drone waterproof?

Is Phantom 3 drone waterproof?

Absolutely not recommended. I have flown in light snow but not in rain or heavy snow. When you g I will absolutely not fly mine in the rain and risk breaking the drone, the gimbal AND the camera (none of which are waterproof as far as I know).

Will DJI repair water damage?

Damage occurring after the product has come into contact with water is covered by the DJI Care Refresh. Product that suffers water damage can be replaced under DJI Care Refresh.

What happens if your drone falls in water?

Immediately remove from the water! Switch off power and remove battery as quickly as possible. Flush as much distilled water as you can through the phantom and all its components. Do not turn on again until everything is completely dry.

Is it safe to fly a DJI drone over water?

This tutorial will teach you how to measure the wind speed using the DJI GO 4 app: In conclusion, flying over water is dangerous, and even an instant of carelessness can result in a damaged or lost drone. As a pilot, always pay attention to your surroundings and focus on safely controlling your drone.

What’s the max distance for a DJI Go 4?

If you’re planning a shot that requires flying long distances, make sure you set the maximum flight distance in the DJI GO 4 app. You can activate this function by entering the main controller settings and selecting “Enable Max Distance.” Input your new max distance, but make sure you keep it within range of your remote controller’s capabilities.

How do you set home point on DJI Go 4?

There are two ways to do this using the DJI GO 4 app: first, swipe left on the main screen, and press “Home Point: Me,” second, open the general settings by pressing the three dots on the upper right corner, go to “Main Controller Settings,” and press “Home Point: Me” (the button with a person and home point below).