Is it OK to run with posterior tibial tendonitis?

Is it OK to run with posterior tibial tendonitis?

If you were trying to run through this injury, stop! It’s not worth risking permanent damage to your arch. The posterior tibial tendon is slow to heal; probably because the portion of the tendon which runs along the medial malleolus has poor blood supply.

Can I exercise with posterior tibial tendonitis?

​If you have posterior tibial tendonitis, also known as PTT dysfunction, you may benefit from physical therapy exercises to help treat your condition. Physical therapy exercises for PTT dysfunction are designed to help improve your ankle range of motion (ROM), flexibility, and overall strength and balance.

How do you prevent posterior tibial tendonitis when running?

Loosen the laces near the toes, to avoid compressing the neuroma. To treat the tendinitis, strengthen the ankle muscles. Place an ankle weight on your foot. Point the foot in, out and up, 3 sets of 10 in each position.

What happens to the posterior tibial tendon in runners?

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction in runners. Essentially what happens is the complex just gives up on its job of supporting the arch of the foot and supinating the foot, so a progressive flat foot develops (usually called adult acquired flat foot ). Medial foot and ankle pain develops and it will continue to get progressively worse.

What can I do about posterior tibial tendon pain?

Some patients benefit from cortisone injections for their tendonitis, and a few others may require a surgical intervention to correct the problem. Foot and ankle pain from posterior tibial tendonitis or dysfunction can prevent you from engaging in your normal activities.

How can I tell if I have posterior tibial tendonitis?

It also functions to invert your foot, rolling your ankle to shift your weight to the outside of your foot. The hallmark sign of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is localized pain along the inside of your foot and ankle, sometimes stretching up a few inches onto your shin.

Is the posterior tibial tendonitis the same as pttd?

Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction is NOT the same as posterior tibial tendonitis. I try to pull out what little hair I have left when I come across a post on a running forum from a runner wanting advice on posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) and the responses assume that it is posterior tibial tendonitis. They are not the same thing.