Is eShipper free?

Is eShipper free?

eShipper lets you integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms, sync and process orders, and manage inventory across all your sales channels through one platform. To top it off, our integrations are free of cost and you get unbeatable rates from all major carriers.

How much does eShipper cost?

The cost differs from carrier to carrier for each $100 after the first $100, which is covered automatically. eShipper insurance, covered by our insurer in-house, is $0.75 for each $100 after the first $100, which is covered automatically for courier shipments.

What is the best shipping company in Canada?

Purolator is a good choice for sending packages within Canada. If you’re looking to offer guaranteed delivery times and 1-up your customer experience, Purolator is your best bet. When it comes to international shipments, Purolator handles the delivery to the border and UPS takes it from there to the final destination.

How does eShipper work?

Once you enter your shipment information on our platform, you’ll be able to compare discounted shipping rates and transit times from different carriers on one page. You can also access other shipping services like air freight, LTL freight, courier services, and other specialized shipping services.

How does eshipper help you compare shipping rates?

eShipper is an integrated shipping solution that allows you to compare competitive rates from multiple carriers online. Our platform is built with small to medium size businesses in mind. We’ve negotiated rates with the world’s most trusted carriers for our growing community of over 18,000 customers.

How long does it take to get a shipping bill from eshipper?

Receive all your shipping charges on a single invoice. Once you sign up and log into our shipping portal, you’ll be able to make a shipment in under 2 minutes. All you have to do is enter your shipping information to receive multiple rates from trusted carriers.

Which is the best online freight shipping company?

There are many shipping platforms available online. eShipper is a flexible and comprehensive platform. Happy to deal with you- eShipper is fully equipped to support your business as it grows. Shipping simplified and your bottom-line amplified.

Which is the cheapest shipping company in Canada?

Whether you’re taking the first step in building your business or taking bigger steps to scale it, grow it with eshipper. eShipper has been a game-changer for us! The cheapest shipping rates (Canada Post, UPS, and Purolator) out there and their team is a JOY to work with.