Is DeWalt discontinuing the 10-inch table saw?

Is DeWalt discontinuing the 10-inch table saw?

Dewalt DW745 and DeWalt DWE7480 are table saw. But the DeWalt DWE7480 is a discontinued model of DeWalt. The new version is DW745. To help you find the best, we have compared Dewalt DW745 Vs Dewalt DWE7480.

Can the DeWalt DWE7491RS use a dado blade?

This table saw can use an 8″ stack up to 13/16″ thick (although, I wouldn’t use more than a 6″ stack). You won’t use the blade guard or riving knife with the dado cut. You can make your own throat plate, or buy one that fits the saw.

Can you buy DWE7491RS without stand?

The saw itself may be purchased without a stand but the part number would be different since the DWE7491RS is a specific product offering and includes a stand.

Can a 10 inch table saw cut a 4×4?

Cutting Depth and Blade Size With a 10-inch table saw, you can make a maximum cut up to 3.5-inches deep, and with a 12-inch table saw, you can cut up to 4-inches deep.

Is the DeWalt dw744xrs a good table saw?

A very good portable table saw for the job site. Lots of power and the innovative rolling stand is a plus. I found it good in the shop also, when done cutting just fold it up and roll it to the side out of the way. Doesn’t take all the room in the shop like stationary saws. Only one negative comment. The wheel diameter is to small.

How big is a DeWalt job site table saw?

The DEWALT versatile 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw with Rolling Stand pairs a portable design with a powerful 15 amp motor and a max rip capacity of 24-1/2 inches.

Is there a rolling stand for a dwe7480 table saw?

Onboard storage system provides easy access to the Blade Guard Assembly, fence, riving knife, miter gauge, wrenches, push stick, and cord wrap when not in use. Looking for service? ? Is a rolling stand available for the DWE7480 or DW745 table saws? Yes, the DWE74911 will fit the DWE7480 or DW745 with included adapters.

What kind of wheels does a dw744xrs have?

All of this goes for both models, but the DW744XRS comes with the added bonus in the shape of a rolling stand which will really come in handy when transporting it from one jobsite to another. The stand is fabricated out of heavy-duty aluminum pipes, and the wheels are suitable for uneven terrain.