Is Branksome Hall a all girls school?

Is Branksome Hall a all girls school?

Welcome to Branksome Hall, Toronto’s only all-girls, all-years International Baccalaureate World School. We offer courses from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, boarding for Grades 7 through 12 and more than $1 million in financial assistance for qualifying students. Our curriculum is globally focused.

Is Branksome Hall a good school?

Branksome Hall has a lot to recommend it, including a long history, stellar buildings, and an impressive list of alumni. It’s one of the highest-profile girls’ schools in the country, with a reputation of strong leadership and a vibrant approach to academics.

When was Branksome Hall founded?

Branksome Hall/Founded

Founded in 1903, Branksome Hall is an independent school for girls. Today, the school rests on a 13-acre campus in the Toronto neighbourhood of Rosedale and educates nearly 900 girls from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. The school was founded by Miss Margaret Scott, who served as our first principal from 1903 to 1910.

What is the best private school in Toronto?


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What kind of school is Branksome Hall in Toronto?

An International Baccalaureate World School, Branksome Hall is a leading independent university preparatory school with day and boarding programs for girls. Established in 1903, Branksome Hall is a welcoming community in the heart of Toronto, Canada.

Is there a Branksome Hall in South Korea?

Branksome Hall of Toronto has an exchange program open to Grade 9 students to study and learn in South Korea. Branksome Hall Asia graduates can apply to universities in Korea as well as international post-secondary institutions. In 1903, Branksome Hall was started in Toronto, Canada.

Who was the first principal of Branksome Hall?

The first principal of Branksome Hall Toronto was Miss Margaret Scott, who served from 1903 to 1910. At first, it was started from rental property, but Branksome Hall’s Toronto current campus has more than a dozen buildings. A new Sports Center and residence buildings are also currently under construction.

How long is the Branksome Hall Asia exchange program?

As a part of the Branksome Hall Asia curriculum, Grade 9 students benefit from a study abroad experience. The exchange focuses on student leadership activities and broaden their global perspective. The exchange program is about three weeks.