In which state Vellore is there?

In which state Vellore is there?

Tamil Nadu
It is in the Vellore district of the South Indian state, Tamil Nadu, 135 km (84 mi) west of the state capital Chennai. Vellore lies in the Eastern Ghats region and Palar river basin.

How do I pay property tax in Vellore? is the official Website of Vellore Municipal Corporation. The portal offers an online payment option to its users. By visiting the citizens can pay property tax, water bill, House Tax, Professional Tax, Water Bill, etc.

Is Epass required from Vellore to Chennai?

CHENNAI: All the inter-zone travellers including rail passengers are required to obtain e-pass issued by the State government. “Transportation by car, two-wheeler, bus and train within the zones can be carried out without e-pass.

Is Vellore metropolitan city?

Vellore city is governed by Municipal Corporation and is situated in Vellore Urban Region. The total population of Vellore UA/Metropolitan region is 484,690. The male population of which is 241,201 while female population is 243,489….Vellore Region – Cities & Towns.

Town Type Population
Virupakshipuram Census Town 14,779

What is the population of Vellore district in Tamil Nadu?

Vellore district lies between 12° 15’ to 13° 15’ North latitudes and 78° 20’ to 79° 50’ East longitudes in Tamilnadu State. The geographical area of this district is 5920.18 sq. k.m. The total population as per 2011 Census is 39,36,331. Thiru. A.Shanmuga Sundaram I.A.S.

How many municipal corporations are there in Tamil Nadu?

City Municipal Corporations of Tamil Nadu are the local governing bodies of the cities in Tamil Nadu. There are 15 such Municipal corporations in this Indian state. Avadi were upgraded as Municipal Corporations on June 19th 2019.

Which is the flagship scheme of Tamil Nadu?

It is a flagship scheme of Government of Tamil Nadu, which fulfills the Housing requirement of the rural poor people along with Solar Powered Home Lighting System and thereby promoting green energy and probably a fore runner for ”Housing for all”. 100% State sponsored scheme. Aims at providing SOLAR POWERED GREEN HOUSE for the poor…