How tall do pigeon pea trees grow?

How tall do pigeon pea trees grow?

3 to 12 feet tall
In warmest USDA zones, pigeon pea is a short-lived perennial shrub lasting about five years. It is grown as an annual in cooler areas. Plants are woody at the base, usually growing from 3 to 12 feet tall.

What are pigeon peas used for?

Dried, pigeon peas are a main ingredient in Indian dals, Caribbean and African rice dishes, soups and stews. They are sometimes paired with green mango and fresh coconut. As beans, they need to be soaked and cooked for an hour or two. The taste is nutty and the texture crisp — a vegan’s bacon, say some.

How long does a pigeon pea tree live?

Classified as a shrub or small tree, it rarely grows taller than 15 feet during its life. Pigeon peas are known as perennials, which means they continue to grow from year to year. In ideal conditions they may live up to eight years, but occasionally they have a shorter life span of four to five years.

Is pigeon pea poisonous?

Pigeon pea is an erect, short-lived perennial leguminous shrub that usually grows to a height of about 1-2 m, but can reach up to 2-5 m high. It quickly develops a deep (2 m depth) poisonous taproot. The stems are woody at the base, angular and branching. The leaves are alternate and trifoliate.

When to harvest pigeon peas?

Harvesting Pigeon Peas Pigeon peas deserve their standing as a permaculture favorite. Our plants had two harvests this year, on in May and one in October. The pods are ready to pick when they reach full size. I rinse the pods and leave them an hour or so to dry a bit.

How do I grow pigeon peas?

How to Grow Pigeon Peas. Planting Pigeon Pea Seeds: Pigeon peas can be grown in USDA Zones 9 through 15. Plant seeds 1 inch deep and 12 inches apart. The plants will usually germinate within 10-15 days and pods will appear in 4 months. The pods can be picked fresh for peas or left on the vine to dry.

Where do pigeon peas grow?

Pigeon peas are also called Congo or Gunga peas are native to Asia and are usually grown in warm and tropical regions.

What are pigeon peas?

The pigeon peas (Cajanus cajan), alternatively known as Angola Pea, Gungo Pea , Congo-Pea, Pigeon-Pea, No Eye Pea, Red Gram, Yellow Dhal, Puerto Rico Pea, is a plant species in the legume family of the widely cultivated genus Cajanus Adans. Four varieties of pigeon peas are: tree types, tall varieties, dwarf varieties and smaller bushes.