How much is Acer Predator laptop?

How much is Acer Predator laptop?

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This item Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming Laptop, 15.6″ Full HD IPS, Intel i7 CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX 1060-6GB, VR Ready, Red Backlit KB, Metal Chassis, Windows 10 64-bit, G3-571-77QK
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Is Acer Predator a good laptop?

Objectively, the 2021 Predator Helios 300 is an excellent 1080p gaming platform, and should be for some time. But it’s also pricey relative to the $1,349 RTX 3060 base model. If the latter performs like the RTX 3060 laptops here, the extra cost of our review unit will outweigh its real-world gaming advantage.

What is the most expensive laptop?

These are the 10 most expensive laptops in the world:

  • Alienware Area 51 M15X – $5,000.
  • Rock Extreme SL8 – $5,500.
  • Stealth MacBook Pro – $6,000.
  • Voodoo Envy H171 – $8,500.
  • EGO for Bentley – $20,000.
  • Bling My Thing’s “Golden Age” MacBook Air – $26,000.
  • MacBook Pro 24 Karat Gold – $30,000.
  • Luvaglio – $1 Million.

What is the most expensive gaming laptop?

List of Most Expensive Gaming Laptop in the World

  • ACER Predator 21X : The Most Expensive Gaming Laptop in the World.
  • ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700GX.
  • Dell Alienware Area 51M : The Dedicated Gaming Laptop.
  • Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model : Powerful and slim gaming laptop.
  • ALIENWARE AREA-51M R2 : Expensive and classy gaming laptop.

Is Acer Predator good for AutoCAD?

With its powerful 144 Hz display and overclockable graphics, the Acer Predator Helios 300 is an amazing machine for a professional experience. It is equipped with a 9th-generation Intel processor which is perfect for running programs like Revit and AutoCAD. The lid of the laptop is designed very artistically with the ‘Predator’ logo on it.

Is the Acer Predator curved?

Acer has quietly launched yet another curved ultra-wide Predator display for gamers seeking a large diagonal, a high resolution and an ultra-high refresh rate. The Predator Z35P resembles its predecessor launched a couple of years ago, but has a higher resolution and a better contrast ratio.

What are the specs of the Acer Predator?

The Acer Predator Helios 500 is a gaming laptop that checks off a lot of boxes: Intel Core i9+ overclockable CPU, 17-inch 4K UHD or 144Hz 1080p display options, and more.