How much HP does a VMP supercharger add?

How much HP does a VMP supercharger add?

VMP’s Gen3 TVS supercharger is a tried and true solution for the Coyote engine. The original VMP Gen3 first launched in early 2018 and has shown what a “small blower” really is capable of. The Gen3 head unit can be turned-down to as little as 675-725 rear-wheel horsepower, or turned up to 1000+ rear-wheel horsepower.

What does VMP performance stand for?

#42 · Jan 1, 2013. Vicious Muscle Power. Victory Means Ponies. Very Much Power.

What does TVS stand for in superchargers?

Roush Newsletter At ROUSH Performance, our line-up of supercharger kits utilizes a specific type of belt-driven, positive displacement, Roots-style superchargers known in the industry as TVS (Twin Vortices Series).

What is TV blower?

The latest development in superchargers is the Twin Vortices Series (TVS) blower from Eaton. This modern-day design is found on the Ford Mustang GT500. Its design features a symmetrical four-lobe rotor set, twisted at 160 degrees, which helps efficiency, reduces noise, and reduces heat.

How much horsepower does A VMP gen2r TV have?

The future definitely looks bright for TVS fans, but the present is pretty great too thanks to the arrival of the VMP Gen2R TVS supercharger. On the VMP Dynojet chassis dyno, Christine produced peaks of 807.86 horsepower and 791.68 lb-ft of torque with the VMP Gen2 TVS.

Is the VMP TVs a supercharger kit?

It’s understandable why the F-150 is such a popular truck, but it’s a whole new animal with a supercharger kit. The Mustang has grown more impressive each year and produces respectable power from the factory. A VMP TVS supercharger kit transforms this respectable factory into pure, unadulterated performance.

What’s the difference between Gen2 and gen2r TVs?

Generation Two The first giveaway is the smooth curve of the Gen2R without the EGR indent, but if you study the two you can see the inlet and throttle body flange are subtly larger. Working with those companies led to the creation of the VMP Gen2 TVS, which was a direct replacement for the standard TVS supercharger.

What kind of car does VMP performance make?

The added horsepower is perfect for a daily driven F-150 or a Mustang looking for genuinely exciting performance on a mild 5.0L build with a stock bottom-end. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.