How much HP can a K24 handle?

How much HP can a K24 handle?

Registered. The max flow on a K24 is rated around 37lbs/minute. You can expect about 370 hp at the crank (give or take) when the K24 is pushed to the limit. Of course you can try to push past this limit, but you will hit the point where you run into diminishing returns.

What’s the best K24 engine?

The K24A2 typically earns the title of the most impressive K24 engine out of the factory, but it’s also gained a pretty high price tag because of this, which makes other variations more tempting if you’re not shy when it comes to tuning.

Is a K24 faster than a K20?

For most street applications, the K20 provides more than enough power to push a lightweight Honda around. For those who want more low-end torque and more over-all power, the K24 is the better choice if you’re willing to pay for it.

Is K24 engine reliable?

K24 Common Problems Summary This may be a bit repetitive, but the K24 is truly an excellent, reliable engine. It spans a long period of time and is found in many different Honda and Acura models. The 3 most common problems include front main seal oil leaks, exhaust cam galling, and timing chain tensioner failure.

How much an oil for a K24?

The K24 has 4.4 qts (4.2 liters) of oil. I wouldn’t just pour exactly 4.4 qts in after the oil drain though. You’d probably want to pour in 4 qts, and then slowly pour the rest while checking the dip stick constantly so you don’t go over.

How many quarts for the K24?

So, figure around 5.6 quarts total oil capacity for all CR-Vs using the K24 engine. Of that amount, about 1-1.5 quarts will stay in the engine during oil changes, which is why you only need to add 4.4 qts for a oil + filter change. Anyone has any suggestion on what brand of oil to use.

What does K24 mean?

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What is a Honda K Series motor?

The Honda K-series engine is a line of four-cylinder four-stroke car engine introduced in 2001. The K-series engines are equipped with DOHC valvetrains and use roller rockers to reduce friction. The engines use a coil-on-plug, distributorless ignition system with a coil for each spark plug.