How much does it cost to play auskick?

How much does it cost to play auskick?

The Auskick Registration fee for 2021 is $145. Your Auskick registration fee includes an Auskick merchandise pack, which will be sent directly to you, and includes a football, a range of personalised items (complete with your child’s name) & much more!

How long does auskick season run for?

Most centres will run for 50-90 minutes.

Is auskick Cancelled?

The AFL has made a recommendation that all AFL Community Club competitions and NAB AFL Auskick Centres currently operating and set to begin, be postponed until 31 May 2020, in line with the recent decision to postpone State League football.

What date does auskick start 2021?

Saturday 24 April
Auskick 2021 starts Saturday 24 April.

Are there any costs associated with using Auskick?

There are costs everywhere. If Auskick is helping to subsidise insurance, development staff, admin staff,, school ambassadors, half time Auskick games etc then good. Clubs should be happy thst these kids lob on their doorstep every year and filter into their junior teams.

Is there cost to transfer Auskick from NAB AFL?

Yes. Simply email [email protected] and we will help to find you a new Auskick Centre. There is no cost to transfer but the new Auskick Centre does need to approve the transfer. The NAB AFL Auskick customer service team will be able to sort out this approval for you.

How long does an AFL Auskick session last?

Most centres will run for 50-90 minutes. Who delivers the Auskick sessions? Each centre has a NAB AFL Auskick coordinator who runs the administration side of each centre. Each age group will have a main coach and helper coaches. All parents/guardians are encouraged to get involved in NAB AFL Auskick and no experience is necessary.

Where do I go to register for AFL Auskick?

Costs for NAB AFL Auskick varies between locations and centres. If you go to our website www. and find the centre you wish to register for. When you select this Centre a new tab will open in PlayHQ, our registration provider where you can view season details, price and other important information.