How much do alcohol interlocks cost?

How much do alcohol interlocks cost?

Figuring out the cost of your Alcohol Interlock Device can be difficult when there are so many types of fees being thrown around. It doesn’t help that fees are based on state, provider, and type of vehicle. The rough cost for an entire program of 6 months including removal will range from $1,300 – $1,700.

How much is an ignition lock?

The average cost for ignition lock cylinder replacement is between $220 and $254. Labor costs are estimated between $71 and $89 while parts are priced between $149 and $164. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

How much does intoxalock cost?

Ignition interlock device costs will vary by state but on average, the installation cost is between $70 and $150 and an average monthly lease price is $60-$90. Your installation fee is paid directly to a state-certified installer. Intoxalock installers are thoroughly trained and highly skilled.

What is an alcohol ignition lock?

Alcohol interlocks are automatic control systems which are designed to prevent driving with excess alcohol by requiring the driver to blow into an in-car breathalyser before starting the ignition. The alcohol interlock can be set at different levels and limits.

How much does it cost to have ignition interlock device?

If it’s a repeat offense, you will be required to have the ignition interlock device in your car for a longer period of time than if it’s your first offense. Some states require an IID for the first offense, but others don’t. Generally speaking though, you can expect to pay roughly $2-$3 a day to lease your ignition interlock device.

What’s the BAC limit for an ignition interlock?

The vehicle will not start if the BAC of the driver is over a certain percentage. The BAC limit differs from state to state, but it is commonly set at .02% to .04%. If you were charged with a DUI, some states will have an ignition interlock law and will require you to install one as part of your court sentence.

Do you need an ignition interlock when your licence is reinstated?

If you want to drive after your licence is reinstated, you must have an ignition interlock device installed. You will need to register with an approved interlock service provider to have the device installed. It must be inspected regularly by the service provider.

Do you need inhale for ignition interlock system?

Our ignition interlock system allows you to effortlessly complete your ignition interlock requirement and get you back on the road! Thoroughly cleaned and tested at our headquarters prior to use. Straight blow technology does not require inhale, making it the cleanest option.