How does FNB give back to the community?

How does FNB give back to the community?

The FNB Fund aims to promote safer communities, support victims of gender-based violence and protect vulnerable children. Young offender rehabilitation, the empowerment of victims of gender-based violence and holistic care and support for abused, orphaned and neglected children are some of the initiatives supported.

What services does FNB offer?

First National Bank offers a variety of accounts and services designed to easily manage your money throughout the year. We offer everyday banking solutions such as checking accounts with low fees, Debit/ATM card access and Mobile/Online Banking from virtually anywhere with your laptop or smart device.

What is the FNB tree?

Acacia tree
The Acacia tree in FNB’s brand logo is a representation of their history. Their roots run deep in South Africa, and they have grown thanks to their commitment to serving the needs of their clients and communities.

Is First Rand Bank and FNB the same?

Today, FNB trades as a division of FirstRand Bank Limited. On 30 June 1999, the banking interests of FirstRand formally merged into a single entity to form FirstRand Bank. FNB, WesBank and RMB now trade as divisions of FirstRand Bank.

What does the FNB fund do for the community?

The FNB Fund is a significant part of the FirstRand Foundation, which has a sixteen-years history of giving to the community. The Foundation focuses on the development and empowerment of the broader community through partnerships with best practice non-profit organisations nationwide.

How is First National Bank involved in the community?

From financial support to employee volunteerism, FNB is actively engaged with the projects, organizations and decisions that shape the regions where we do business. We empower local leadership, so you can be sure FNB is aware of the issues facing your community and is focused on making an impact where it matters most.

What makes FNB Bank such a great bank?

Watch the stories that started at FNB. TO YOUR SCHOOL. BANK IN THE MOMENT AND DON’T MISS A MINUTE. Great banking is about quality time. Giving you more of yours. A Century Later, We’re Still About Keeping Money Local. Our customers come in with an attitude.

Why is FNB Bank in Mayfield KY important?

Because they know their bank can keep them ahead of the curve. Whether you’re on the path to starting a family or a business, you can feel confident following your heart. You’re with a bank that’s helped clear the way for Kentucky’s movers and shakers since 1875.