How do you set loot specialization?

How do you set loot specialization?

Open the Dungeon Journal, select a boss, and click the top button to select which loot spec you want to be set to for that boss. The bottom button is where you can set your preferred default loot spec.

Does loot specialization matter?

Loot from most sources will drop for any specialization your class can play, regardless of your choice of Loot Specialization. Specifically for Shadowlands content, this applies to: Conduits. Shadowlands Assaults.

Does loot spec affect the great vault?

Great Vault gives you loot based on your current Loot specialization, so if you are in your off-spec, make sure to switch back to your main spec before receiving loot from the weekly chest.

Can you change loot specialization between bosses?

There are no restrictions. As long as you swap it before boss dies, it will count, and you can keep swapping.

How does loot specialization work in World of Warcraft?

It will prioritize the type of gear you want to see when looting bosses and mobs. Loot Specialization is a feature introduced in Patch 5.3 which allows players to set the loot priority for their character to favor a particular specialization.

What does the loot priority setting do in Wow?

This loot priority setting only affects bonus rolls, Raid Finder loot, World Bosses loot and Heroic Scenario loot. This feature was primarily added to allow players to collect off-spec gear.

When to switch specialization in World of Warcraft?

So for raids, dungeons and unspecified rewards (e.g. before mentioned emissary weapon caches – in contrast world quests awarding a specific item still give an item usable by your class). So if you want the loot for an offspec, I would highly advice to switch the specialization.

Where to find loot drops in World of Warcraft?

The ingame Dungeon Journal lists loot drops per class and spec, so you can always check in there to see what has a chance to drop. Once in there click the Dungeon or Raid tabs and the instance you want, you’ll see the bosses listed on the left side, and a Treasure Chest tab on the right to show the loot.