How do you handle an audition rejection?

How do you handle an audition rejection?

Five Methods for Dealing with Rejection

  1. Remember, acting is a business. Yes, acting is an art form.
  2. Focus on the positive. After you’ve left the audition, think of three things you did well, good feedback you received, etc.
  3. Focus on the negative.
  4. Keep old reviews.
  5. Have somewhere to be.

Is it bad to decline an audition?

This is something you’ll want to think about ahead of time, and I’d like to think there’s no time like the present. Whether you decide to decline an audition or a booking, the key is to do it with grace and respect, ALWAYS. Commercial actors should never flub declining an audition or job.

Can you say no to an audition?

Agree it is always ok to say ‘no’ to an audition. The agent’s reaction will probably depend on what relationship you have with them, how frequently you turn down auditions and your reasons for doing.

What does 1st refusal mean in acting?

When a casting director issues a “first refusal” it means that a final casting decision has not been made; the casting director is requesting that the performer contact him/her before accepting a booking for another job on the same day(s), i.e., giving the original producer the first opportunity to book the person.

What does it mean when you get rejected for an audition?

If you’ve chosen to become a professional actor that means you’ve invested time, money and energy, so it’s important you keep trying despite how difficult it may get sometimes. Audition rejection is a universal ailment amongst actors that everyone has gone through at some point.

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What happens if you don’t get a call back for an audition?

Just because you didn’t get a call-back doesn’t mean you gave a terrible audition. If you thought it went well but have been rejected from the process it might feel confusing and upsetting. In that case, it’s probably just as simple as you weren’t what they were looking for.

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