How do you get Layla in the panic room?

How do you get Layla in the panic room?

The entrance to the panic room is hidden in the wall but you do not have to look for it on your own. Hide behind cover and wait until Layla comes here so you can locate the entrance without problems. Enter the panic room, which will result in a cut-scene with Layla.

How do you kill Layla in Hitman Absolution?

Wait until Layla walks under the whale skeleton and pull one of levers (screen above) to throw it down, thus killing her. Another accident is connected to spiking Layla with a harpoon gun. The weapon you’re looking for is located in the same room as a whale skeleton (screen above).

Who is Layla in panic?

Layla Stockton is the personal assistant and advisor of Dexter Industries CEO Blake Dexter.

Where is the panic room in Hitman Absolution?

If you didn’t eliminate Layla in a direct duel, then you have to locate the panic room on your own. The room you’re looking for is located in hardly accessible part of the penthouse. The fastest way to get there is the door in the room with the lift (screen above).

How to kill Layla in Hitman Absolution purist?

Poison the sushi and turn left and go out of the door ahead to the balcony. Take cover on the other side of the table ahead and wait for Layla to come out onto the balcony and lean on the railing. As soon as she does push her off the ledge: This will cause a silent and signature kill on Layla.

Which is the hardest mission in Hitman Absolution?

This is the second part of the Blackwater Park Mission in Hitman: Absolution which is called The Penthouse. In it you eliminate Layla and locate the panic room. This guide explains how to complete this mission on the hardest, purist, difficulty. It does not explain how to complete the different challenges in this area.

Who is Agent 47 in the Panic Room?

Layla will not recognise Agent 47 in a bodyguard disguise that reveals his face, despite having met him in person more than once. However, once Agent 47 follows Layla into the panic room and thus triggering the panic room scenario above, she is able to see through whatever disguise he is wearing.

How did Layla Stockton die in Hitman?

After eating the poisoned sushi and going onto the penthouse balcony, Layla will start hallucinating about ladybugs and will climb on top of the ledges. Eventually, she makes a leap as if she could fly, resulting in her falling to her death. Layla moving in to finish off Agent 47 after incapacitating him.