How do you breed a legendary dragon on Dragon City?

How do you breed a legendary dragon on Dragon City?

Breed Pure dragons to get the Legendary ones.” Just keep breeding them until you get a Legend. It will be difficult, yes. You will get many Pure Dragons and Pure Hybrids, yes.

What are the chances of breeding a legendary dragon?

1 Answer. A legendary dragon has a 1% chance of being breed, no matter what you try. It’s best to only do 2 pure dragons.

How many hours does it take to breed a legendary in Dragon City?

Breeding Time

Time Dragons
36 hours Colossal, Juggernaut, Leviathan, Red Woods, Tesla, Dark Stone, Nightwind, Panzer, Elfic
44 hours Hydra
48 hours Pure Hybrids — Pure Terra, Pure Sea, Pure Nature, Pure Electric, Pure Metal, Pure Ice, Pure Dark, Pure Flame, Pure Dark
50 hours Legendary Dragons

How do you breed legendary dragons in Dragon City?

the only way to breed a legendary dragon is my given following: COOL FIRE (LVL. 20) + SOCCER (LVL.20) COOL FIRE (LVL.20) + PIRATE (LVL.20) GUMMY(LVL.10+) + ARMADILLO (LVL.10+) my giving following is not 100% but if you use breeding boost, it could be 100%.

What dragons to breed in Dragon City?

There are seven dragons in the dragon city that are considered as rare dragons. They are the Cool Fire, Soccer, Armadillo, Gummy, Petroleum, Pirate and Poo. These dragons are not easy to breed since they have elements that are directly opposite to each other.

What is a legendary dragon’s weakness in Dragon City?

Legendary Dragon Note. Legendary Dragons in Dragon City can be considered as element / weakness-less. They are immune to normal attacks and have no weaknesses against any of the element attacks. The normal moves are shown with a fist and carry normal effects against all dragon types except Legendary dragon class.