How do I verify an address?

How do I verify an address?

There are two easy ways to verify address data in your contact lists. The first is to use a USPS® address verification tool. These tools can verify both US-based addresses as well as international addresses in batches. The second method is to use an address validation API.

What is Experian address validation?

Experian’s real-time address validation solutions enable customers to quickly and accurately enter their address details. Whether setting up a new account online, or ensuring accurate billing & delivery information, rapid address lookup helps improve form conversion rates by accelerating the customer journey.

What is address validation?

Address validation (also known as address verification) is a process that ensures street and postal addresses exist. Address validation helps verify the accuracy of address numbers, street names postal codes and more.

What is QAS address validation?

The QAS Pro Web address management system captures, cleans, maintains, and enhances address records and validates the address data against national postal authorities, such as the U.S. Postal Service.

What to do if your address is on your Experian credit report?

It’s also important to check your address history has been recorded correctly. If your Experian Credit Report includes any incorrect addresses, get in touch to ask us to remove them. Where do companies find my address? Lenders and other companies may check your address with the:

How does Experian address verification work for USPS?

Experian ® provides an online suite of address validation and enhancement services that will check your existing addresses against the USPS ® database, allowing you to mail confidently with the knowledge that every communication will reach a valid address.

How to contact us about your Experian membership?

Have questions about your Experian membership? Call us at 1-866-617-1894 Monday-Friday 6am to 8pm PT Saturday-Sunday 8am to 5pm PT. International callers who experience difficulties calling these numbers should contact their telephone service providers for assistance. How would you like to dispute? Dispute online.

How to use Experian Address Validation in JavaScript?

Experian Address Validation is a fast and efficient REST API for capturing validated global addresses. Get up and running in minutes with our client-side JavaScript sample code. The API is designed and optimized to allow for multiple search methods and workflows, including Autocomplete, Single-Field and Multi-Field.