How do I stop falling asleep at the wheel?

How do I stop falling asleep at the wheel?

Stay Awake Behind the Wheel

  1. Never drink and drive.
  2. If possible, don’t drive long distances alone.
  3. Get enough shut-eye.
  4. Don’t begin a trip so late that you’re driving when you usually sleep.
  5. Watch your posture.
  6. Take a break at least every 2 hours.
  7. Have 2 cups of a caffeinated drink like coffee, if you can have caffeine.

What happens if you fall asleep at the wheel?

Most drivers who fall asleep at the wheel cannot hit the brakes before a collision and often accidentally accelerate, leading to high-speed and high-damage crashes. Given that they may be fully asleep, fatigued drivers are often unable to swerve out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.

What is it called when you fall asleep at the wheel?

Drowsy driving is the operation of a motor vehicle while being impaired by sleep deprivation. Drowsy driving does not only include falling asleep at the wheel; it also includes slower reaction times, shorter attention span, and impaired judgment and decision making.

Is it gross negligence to fall asleep at the wheel?

Yes, falling asleep while driving can be considered gross negligence in a car accident if the drowsy driver was acting with negligence and with disregard for other driver’s safety. Extreme drowsiness sometimes causes drivers to fall asleep at the wheel.

What are the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel?

Falling asleep at the wheel is so dangerous because it eliminates a driver’s ability to control his or her vehicle . It can be even more dangerous than drunk driving, because drowsiness can come on suddenly. A driver may not realize he or she is unfit to drive until it is too late and he or she has already dozed off at the wheel.

How many people die from falling asleep at the wheel?

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that at least 100,000 traffic accidents, and as many as 1,550 deaths a year are caused by sleepy drivers or falling asleep at the wheel.

How not to fall asleep at the wheel?

Use Caffeine. Caffeine helps in keeping you awake and your mind alert. So, drinking one or two cups of coffee whenever you feel sleepy will help to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Keep caffeinated mints and gum in the vehicle in case you can’t buy beverages on the way.

Why do people fall asleep behind the wheel?

Weather and light on the road may also contribute to dangerous conditions that promote falling asleep at the wheel. Most fatal sleep-related accidents over the past six years occurred around dawn . Considering that early morning hours were more common for these deadly collisions, the early light of day may not do much to illuminate the roads for sleepy drivers.